November 6, 2004

Making the Most of It

In an effort to fully utilize the free weekends I have between the hell that was the first part of this semester and the fun that promises to be finals prep, I went all out this weekend.

Sad part is, I'm writing this on Saturday at 10 PM and will be staying home for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow, my rock star plans are to go for a run and outline for con law.

Regardless, I'm pretty impressed with what E and I pulled off over the last 24 hours or so:

  • Drove to my sister's, picked her up, met up with 5 friends and had a 3 hour Italian dinner. Shut down the restaurant.
  • Rolled to a bar with some of the people who work in the restaurant (one of those weird friend of a friend connections gone bezerk) and closed the bar down.
  • Got back to my car to find that it had been booted. Rad.
  • WALKED with the rolling luggage in tow back to my sister's.
  • Crashed for a few hours, only to be woken by my sister's roommate who had to work at 5 AM (or so it seemed).
  • Inserted Earplugs. (Note, leaving earplugs as a standard item in the luggage is one of the smarter things we've ever done. They've come in handy more times than I can count, often used to drown out drunken snoring of happenstance roommates-for-the-night.)
  • Woke. Showered. W&V showed up and made some random concoction called a red tide. Sounds healthy, no? But, you can't turn down a gift drink, so... we toasted and drank in preparation for the alma mater's football game.
  • Walked to the football game. Hit a few bars, but spent most of the time chasing down friends and trying to orchestrate the madness of too many people, not enough parking, traffic and all else that comes with game day. Had a burrito at a joint that I'd only visited at 2 AM as an undergrad--it wasn't just the alcohol hunger, their food is actually fairly good. Eventually, we found our friends at the game.
  • Screamed and cheered 'til I was hoarse. The team won, but barely. It was a poor, ugly showing, but we'll take the gift win, Lord knows we're due.
  • Walked from the stadium to the parking lot by the bar from Friday, paid the attendant to get the car un-booted. At $60, it was expensive, but not that much more than game-day parking, so no harm, no foul.
  • Headed out to dinner with a different group of 7. Italian, again, different restaurant. Stuffed ourselves silly, again.
  • Drove home. Can't move. Exhausted. Content.

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