May 22, 2005

Another 52nd of 2005 -- Gone

When did it become the fifth month of 2005? Wasn't it just New Years? Am I the only one who's shocked at how fast time is flying these days?

As for my lack of posts, well... I've been distracted. Work at firm #1 has picked up, as have the social events. So I'm pleasantly busy and amazed at how much money and time this firm spends on its summer associates. I'm thankful, of course, and it's fun, but it is a bit disconcerting. Why do they feel the need to make it like disneyland? Shouldn't the work in and of itself plus a few get-to-know-one-another events be enough to convince us that we want to come back? Obviously, I'm not a recruiter, and word on the street is that very few people refuse an offer from firm #1, so they probably do know what they are doing. But I can't help feeling slightly guilty at being the well-paid recipient of so many lunches, events, and training sessions. It feels slightly wrong. I think I need to work on my sense of entitlement.

E & I spent the weekend in Santa Cruz for H & P's wedding. They got married on the beach and it was the best weekend weather that the bay area had seen so far this year. It might have been a little too good -- the groomsmen in the tuxes under the 80+ degree sun didn't look so comfortable. It was interesting to sit through a wedding ceremony with the knowledge that we'll be going through those motions in a few short months. I also had enough conversations with past and future brides to know that I'm slacking and need to get my butt in gear if I want to have all of the details covered in time. RAD.

Other than that, I don't have much to report. I'm very tired after a weekend of catching up with friends I hadn't seen in years, too much drinking, and not enough sleep. And, I'm even more exhausted because I'm insane and I managed to fit in a 12-mile morning run (okay, so it was 10.5 miles of running and 1.5 of walking) with E2 on Saturday. Today, before the post-wedding barbeque, E and I walked around on the beach at Seascape and decided it definitely belonged on the prospective weekend getaway list. Now, all we need to do is magically line up the time and the money to get away...Famous last words.

I expect to report back on catering tastings in the next few weeks. See, if I write it, I've got to follow through. Or something like that.

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