May 2, 2005

One for the record books

I was inadvertantly (I hope) the recipient of an insult from one of the partners at my firm this morning. The recruiting manager tried to help the partner recover from his gaffe, but he wasn't having any of it. From my perspective, it looked like he was insisting on standing by his insulting words, although I'm sure he had a different perspective.

Then, despite assurances to the contrary, my partner mentor (a different partner) never showed up for mentor lunch. No doubt she had an important client call come up and couldn't make it. I understand--and on its own, her absence wouldn't make me think twice, but when added with the insult from breakfast, I'm beginning to question whether I'm missing a very blatant message. It was my first day, after all...

Of course, that line of thought died when I got a nice reality check on the unintended messages I am capable of sending. My phone rang after my evening run. I'd mis-entered the study group meeting for my last class in my organizer and they were waiting for me. At that point, I was 15 minutes late, an hour away, and was certain that I didn't need to be there 'til tomorrow.

So, yeah. Tomorrow is another day. Preferably one with less sucktitude.

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