May 3, 2005

A Much Better Day

Still being oriented, but almost done.

No insults from anyone employed by the firm: good.

Mexican food from a hole in the wall with my fellow summer associate: amazing.

Returning to to be asked why we left on our own, lectured on how we should be taken out by associates every day, and then told we should turn in our receipts: wow.

Telling the head of recruiting that we had no receipts because the menu was in spanish, as was the receipt, which we didn't bother to keep since they only accepted cash, and really, it was worth it, and we'd probably do it again to get away from it all: priceless.

Plus, I got my first two assignments today and they are cool. Also, I met with my study group and feel reasonably prepared for my final tomorrow, which is awesome since I haven't read very many of the cases. Wish me luck, I suspect I'll need it. And, of course, the reservations at the local best-of-the-best restaurant for tomorrow night don't hurt my attitude one bit.

Off to print my notes for the open book exam...

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