May 6, 2005

Week One -- Report

Too much food consumed! There's a policy that summers must be taken out to every lunch for their entire summer. Ridiculous. I'm going to explode. Every associate is ready to cash in on the firm-sponsored lunch and so they propose some long, filling, caloric disaster. I play my role appropriately and say yes. I like food, so I eat it. I'm already visibly more plump.

Interesting work. After orientation, I've been given two assignments. Both concern topics that I find fascinating and about which I don't know much. The partners and associates seem to have tons of these small, new, interesting tidbits to deal with at the same time. Seems like a very cool way to make a living while satisfying intellectual ADD.

Very cool people. I can honestly say that the stereotype about boring, driven, mean, overbearing lawyers is not playing out here. It didn't at my previous firm either. I wonder if it's all a myth or if I've been EXTREMELY lucky.

Exhausted. Not so much with work, but with life. I finished wedding crap just in time to start work, take a day off to take a final, and then return to work. Having no plans tonight is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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