May 21, 2006

Big Wheels Keep on Turnin'

It's been a long 4.5 years (from LSAT to graduation). I enjoyed it. I expected to, and I did. Which was good. I'm sad to say that I spent many hours alongside people who didn't. My heart went out to them. Law school is too much work to do if you don't want to do it.

Today was graduation. I enjoyed it, too. I didn't expect to, but I did. So that was a nice surprise. The student speaker was *hilarious* -- Crossed the line quite a bit, but the most offensive things were done in such a way as to ensure that only those who wouldn't be offended would get the joke -- I was impressed. I hope those who didn't totally enjoy law school at least enjoyed the day that it symbolically ended.

Now, I'm exhausted from a weekend full of family, food, & fun. I can't believe I start PMBR tomorrow.

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