May 3, 2006


I'm done with the 24-hour take home that sucked all my brain power through my eyeballs. I'm hoping it returns before tomorrow when I commence studying for Friday's exam. I took a chance and made a gutsy argument that I thought was brilliant. It's the type of argument that law school has taught me not to make on exams. In the real world -- practitioners, they love these wacky arguments of mine. But on exams they are a gamble. If I'm at the bottom of the pile, you can guarantee the creativity will not be appreciated. Fuck it. I'm a 3L. I liked the creative argument better than the standard analysis. I made it. I'm going out with a bang (and probably a C, but whatever, I feel empowered).

After turning in the exam, I learned that a good friend had a very serious pregnancy-related health scare and is now recovering the hospital with her early-born, but healthy, baby girl. I cried. I wanted so badly to be there to comfort her and her family through what must have been a terribly scary ordeal. Instead, I was studying for and taking a 24-hour exam. She commented, "wow, that sounds hard." Right. Almost as hard as Preeclampsia and childbirth.

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