June 19, 2006

Bar: A consistent problem

I continously fail to accord the appropriate weight to the issues (says BarBri).

I discuss things that deserve 1 paragraph in pages.

I discuss things that deserve pages in 1 paragraph.

I discuss things that Barbri doesn't mention for multiple paragraphs.

I've checked the outlines. I'm not getting the law wrong. It's not that I'm mis-reading the call of the question. These issues are there in the fact patterns. But for some reason, I'm supposed to know to skip 'em. Or to relegate them to the basement. Or to pay 'em lots of attention.

I'm not too happy 'bout this. Right now, I'm a big party of fail-o-rama on the essays.

I'm reminded of how, back-in-the-day there were those pictures where you would stare and people swore there were outlines of images within the chaos. "Can you see the sailboat?" my friends would ask. "No. Can you see the dinosaur?" I'd respond.

I never thought this particular oddity in my personality would bite me in the ass so badly.

How, exactly, does one learn to think like a bar clone?

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