June 28, 2006

A new view

This morning, I found out my dad is back in the ICU. So, I skipped barbri and drove to my hometown while listening to Fessler (PMBR contracts, I actually find him hilarious, but I'm a dork). Then, I did the whole visiting with family, supportive sister/daughter, talk with the doctors, emotionally draining thing instead of studying for a few hours.

Also, on my way to the hospital, I got a speeding ticket. In a construction zone.

By the time BarBri rolled around, a bar review class seemed like a nice break. So, I drove out to the local PM video class (that is on the same schedule as the one where I live) and I found that I could outline my way through the majority of the essays reasonably well.

4 hours later I called the ICU to hear that my dad was sleeping peacefully and doing a little better. Now, I'm at my dad's house, less than a mile from the hospital should I need to go, studying for a wee bit before some sleep.

Sometimes, when it rains, it doesn't really pour. It's just a change in the weather.

I'm not the least bit angry today. I'm just thankful. It's a nice feeling.

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