June 16, 2006

Let me give thanks

For my health, which took a brief dive into a cold/sinus/chest annoyance that made me miss my brother's birthday, but has returned in time for me to go hang out with the family for father's day. Sure, a cold isn't a big deal, but boy, do I take breathing for granted.

For E, who is dealing with my unavailability, unpredictable moodiness and incessant baking (read: turning the kitchen into a disaster area) with admirable patience.

For my friends, who selflessly travel to my house to come share their happiness and normalcy and laughter with me over wine and barbeque on my one scheduled night off per week.

And finally, for my dad's stubborness and resiliance in the face of his cancer. The blood markers for his tumor are almost back to those of a normal person after 6 cycles of chemotherapy.

I'm gonna work my ass off tonight and tomorrow so I can focus on what really matters this weekend: Father's day.

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