July 12, 2006

Bar: Multiple Choice Questions Question

Do any of you have an opinion about the "released questions?"

Seems to me like they are the easiest set of questions I've done for every subject that I've done 'em for. Easier than the BarBri simulated exam. Way easier than the PMBR questions, along the lines of the BarBri introductory questions for the topic, if not easier.

I've heard many people claim that PMBR questions are more indicative of the type of questions you will see on the MBE. But I was under the impression that the released questions in the Barbri MDR were actually NCBE questions.

So, I'd love some feedback from those of you who are in this madness or who've been there before.

If I only have time to do one set, should I take solace in the released questions or keep pushing through on the PMBR questions?

Thanks in advance.

**UPDATE: So, thanks to Frolics & Detours we have a theory: the released questions are easy because NCBE doesn't release their tricks. Makes sense. Also, I thought you could order actual MBE questions from them, but it turns out, you can only order "sample" exams, one of which is reproduced in the released questions in the MDR. So, PMBR it is.

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