July 2, 2006

Bar: Romance

Last night, I drove to the nearest big city to my hometown to pick up E from the Amtrack station. From there, we drove to the cute old town area and picked a restaurant on the river for a late dinner.

A night off! A date with my husband! It was glorious.

Towards the end of dinner, we took our wine glasses outside to the balcony on the river to watch the fireworks display. We silently looked at the sky and held hands, basking in the sweet romance of the moment.

That is, 'til I busted out with,

You know...back in the day, fireworks were considered an ultrahazardous activity and so you were strictly liable for any harm that resulted from their use. But now, they are so common place that they are governed by ordinary negligence standards.

Do I know how to whisper sweet nothings, or what?

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