April 8, 2007

Bachelorette Party

I may be old, but I'm not out the game, just yet.

I just spent 43 hours in vegas.

I did manage to get 7 hours of sleep, but none of it occurred prior to 5 AM on any day.


Well, I was distracted by the fun: 12 girls in pink feather boas, two nice dinners, $200 lost at craps, $5 lost at slots, 4 taxi rides, 3 limo rides, 3 miles very slowly ran down the strip, 5 hours laying by the pool (none of which I could sleep through, for some reason), several hours of "dancing" and one accidental, but painful, head butt from the bachelorette while head-banging to Poison.

What more could I possibly want? Oh, perhaps you think the bachelorette should have camped it up a bit more? Perhaps a tiara with blinking LEDs and some pink underwear that said "Spank me" on the outside of her jeans? Maybe a pink garter over her jeans?


It was hedonistic, hilarious, over-the-top in the way that only vegas can be, and more expensive than I could have imagined. Tons of fun! But, if I don't make it back to Vegas for another 4 years, I wouldn't complain.

**Oh, and how could I forget: Kfed is hotter in person and very nice. And, Jon Bon Jovi is still hot.

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