April 1, 2007

The Me Generation

Je, Jo (as pronounced, but spelled yo), Yo, Io, Ich, I.

While writing JayKay a bizarre email, I couldn't help but think of the continuum of latin-based language pronouns and their intersection with Germanic language pronouns for the first person today. I spent a good while thinking about this. I let myself float through all the accents I have met, picturing the faces and hearing the voices while trying to order them. I spent a little time imagining human migration patterns that may have caused the language to evolve in such a way.

This rocks, because it shows that on the weekend, I'm finally starting to be able to leave work behind to the point where I can entertain my normal (sic) thought processes of wackiness. I'm on my way back to being me. The wacky, weird, comfortable in my oddness and happy to spend time on thoughts no one even wants me to share, but happy and balanced in my own way, self.


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