October 21, 2012

Long Overdue Recipe Post

So, tonight, E & I agreed that I made an awesome meal.


I mean, roasted brussel sprouts in olive oil and balsamic vinegar?

And Orecchiette from A.G. Ferrari tossed with slow roasted garlic salt and pepper garden paste tomatoes (recipe to come), fresh garden tomatoes, garden basil, and nothing else? (Note to self:  the lunch of panini and subsequent splurge at AG Ferrari is like marital money in the bank -- E is a happy Man!)

It was amazingly delicious and even *VEGAN* for crying out loud.  And E was happy.  Despite the lack of bacon or cheese or any other type of food awesomeness that the Vegans give up in their interminable lent, we agreed it was one of the better home-cooked meals I've made this year.

So, if you're looking for super healthy delicious recipes, here are two:

1.  Roasted Balsamic Brussel Sprouts:

-pre-heat oven to 375F
-cut a bunch of brussel sprouts perpendicularly to the stem (e.g. visually, you end up with right and left brains, not top and bottom brains)
-place brussel sprout halves in baking dish
-drizzle with balsamic vinegar (such that it covers the bottom of the pan evenly, but not more than enough to see the film)
-repeat the drizzle with olive oil, same amount
-sprinkle with garlic salt and black pepper
-toss (see the vinegar and oil already soaked into the crenulations of the sprout halves)
-place in oven, cook 15 minutes, toss again, half of the liquid should be gone
-remove when tops appear crystalized, serve immediately and enjoy.

2. Orecchiete with slow-roasted tomatoes and fresh tomatoes and basil

-boil one box Orecchiette 'til al dente
-while pasta is boiling, chop 2 fresh tomatoes and 1 cup slow-roasted paste tomatoes seasoned with garlic salt and pepper and preserved in olive oil (bonus if the slow-roasted tomatoes came from your garden and were prepared according to your husband's family's recipe...)
-while pasta is boiling, julienne 1 cup fresh basil (garden bonus!)
-drain pasta
-toss pasta with fresh tomatoes, roasted tomatoes (and their residual olive oil) and basil


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