October 21, 2012

More Than Half Way There

Today, E and I enjoyed our third run together this year.

 (That's 200% more runs than any other year!)

In Hawaii, we substituted a gorgeous hike for the run. Those 4.5 miles in the heat and humidity took 2 hours and had some serious elevation change, so I think that was more than a fair trade for the 3.1 mile run/walk we typically do at home.

By my measurement, he's been "training" for 4 weeks now and improving each week.  The goal 5K isn't until the week of Christmas, so I think it's going to be quite easy for him to get to the point where he can run an entire 5K without a break.

Today, our plan was to do 1.75 miles at around 10 min/mile and then to walk the remainder of the 3.1 mile loop home.

Instead, he set out at a 9:34 pace for the first mile, so I joined him. We walked a tenth of a mile (up the freeway overpass), and did another 0.80 mile at 9:39. Then we had a nice leisurely walk and chat home.  I'm very proud of him and look forward to when we can run 3 miles together without a break.

I'm finding that I'm enjoying my runs with E the most of all of my weekly runs right now. They aren't even on my training schedule. We just find some time to fit in a run of an increasing portion of a 3.1 mile loop and walk and talk the rest of the way home.

It was so nice have a social workout with my husband and to easily run at paces that should feel easy after yesterday's sub-optimal long run.

In other news, I'm giving myself until after next week's 20-miler to decide if it's worth sticking to this training plan or if I should make drastic changes.  I'm considering using CIM as a training run and shooting for a PR/goal race in January or February.

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