February 19, 2004

Clinical Trial

Sunday to Thursday... that's quite a break for me. Well, we can all blame the ridiculous balancing act of this week. One of the things I managed to fit in was an MRI to get my head checked. [BTW. It's Official. I'm crazy]

Check-in included a 3-page form inviting me to partipate in an unpaid clinical trial.

"Sure," I thought. "It's only 15 minutes of extra time in the chamber. I'll donate my body and time for science."

The form's last page required a signature. It listed a patient's bill of rights, how you could remove yourself from the trial after accepting, and finally, that by signing, you certified that you had discussed the trial with a clinical trial supervisor, who had explained the risks to you.

I gave the form back to the front desk and said, "I'm happy to sign the form after I talk to the clinical trial supervisor."

A few minutes later, the nurse who took me to the pre-scan area said, "I hear you wanted to talk about the form?"

"Yes," I replied "I'm-"

"This form is silly," he cut me off. "We're not putting you in any trial. We just give them to all of the patients because we're kind of doing a trial to see who would sign the form."

"Oh, I guess there weren't too many risks to explain then..."

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