February 15, 2004

The Storm Has Passed

I forced myself to take a nap yesterday afternoon. I read my pleasure book. I was lazy.

For the evening's celebration, E and I tried a new Italian restaurant for dinner and then we went to the symphony. I let the strings wash over me. I am always amazed at the power of beautiful music to rip me from my own thoughts and force me to just listen and feel. After 2 hours of bliss, when I returned to my previously racing head, things were ordered, more calm, and much more reasonable.

We ended the evening as a couple should: enjoying each others' bodies, company, and, of course, the "I choo-choo-choose you" episode of the Simpsons.

I slept a delightfully undistiburbed and restful 9 hours.

And now, I can get cheerily back to work on my reading and moot court brief.

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