March 8, 2004

The Battle of Midway

A large weight is off my shoulders. The moot court brief is out of my hands and should stay that way if all goes well. Add that to the fact that half of the lectures and reading for this semester are complete and I'm feeling on top of things.

I'm big into half-way marks. I'm not sure why, but I just always feel a sense of relief after the first half of things. In class, if I glance at the clock one minute before the half-way mark I feel as if it'll never end. But one minute after the half-way mark and I feel as if I'm almost done. Same goes for timed cardio work-outs, distance in long runs, and number of tasks in projects.

So, I'm in a great mood today. I feel like a survivor. Half-way is almost there in my book. Sure, I've got the last half of lectures and reading plus a big collection of outlining, oral arguments for moot court, picking courses for next year, trying out for various extra-curricular activities for next year, and getting ready for fall OCI. But, I'm halfway to summer and a few days from spring break. The sun is out and I shouldn't have to go back to Kinko's this semester. It's a good day.

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