March 21, 2004


As in, I may actually be a normal human right now. Stay tuned for the gradual regression...

As promised, E and I spent a fabulous week being drunken tropical beach sloths. Okay, I really just like the idea of being a sloth. Truth be told, I'm not as good at it as I wish I was. But I suspect I'm better than most--I read all the books except the Illuminatus Trilogy and The Sentinel. I even bought Bel Canto for the flight back (think lord of the *butter*flies--phrase stolen, but accurate and I highly recommend the book to anyone who wonders about the paradise that can be created in absence of the pig's head and conch shell). The sloth in me smiled at E and enjoyed Bel Canto instead of studying Civ Pro on the plane (which is unfortunate for tomorrow's schedule but made for a much more enjoyable flight than I would have otherwise had).

In other words: The drunken sloth in me (even the sober sloth in me) loves to read. A lot. On the beach, by the pool, in a box, with a fool, I read high up in the air, I read every-, any-where. It's one of the things I gave up for the law school that I miss the most. Returning to it, in the sun, with breaks for bodyboarding and swimming in the surf is one of the most restorative experiences I've had in a long time. I just may make it to the end of finals without going crazy, but I make no promises. Transmogriflaw is absolutely correct, Spring Break *is* a civilized concept, which should be adopted universally in furtherance of peace, love, harmony, happiness, and all that happy rainbow sh*t.

In addition to reading, I did my part to make myself a better citizen upon my return (and let me tell you, I didn't cuss at anyone on the drive back from the airport!) I ran 18 miles in breathtaking valleys, mountains and beachfront locations. I don't normally have the time for that kind of mileage in one week and I definitely don't have the views at my disposal. If you add the kayaking and walking that we did, we were actually fairly active, which was a welcome introductory break from what will most likely be an April full of desk-bound outlining and writing. The weather was cooperative enough to brown us nicely although it did rain a few times. Rainforests, who knew they got a lot of rain?

Other than that, there's not much to report on my end. The details, arranged on the web, turned out to be beyond our expectations. No major delays or issues. Basically, just a very relaxing vacation with lots of fish, beach, beer, sun, and very little school. (I did do about 1-2 hours a day of Contracts and Civ Pro to keep my conscience at bay, but come on... on a balcony overlooking the ocean, sometimes with the day's first beer? Is that really work?)

Unfortunately, upon my return, I learned the Bad News about Patent Pending and Lotus from Beanie. What the hell, guys? Come back. Shane...

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