March 11, 2004

Quiz Me

You are... The Cingulate Gyrus!!!
Snugly encircling the superior thalamus, and sitting atop the corpus callosum,
you are an integral part of the limbic system.
You remain a mystery, but common thought is that your reciprocal connections
to the frontal cortex and limbic system link decision-making and emotion!
Although you are mushy in consistency, you are a great friend to those around you
and your word is as solid as oak. You detest it when
people prod you, so you do need to lighten up a bit.
All in all, though, you are a solid citizen.
(And without you, people often find themselves unable to talk or move!)

Take the Personality Quiz, brought to you by Mr. Poon.

This is the second Internet Quiz I owe to Nontraditional Student. Even the Internet quiz world knows that I need to lighten up a bit. Okay, Okay. I got the message. Off to drunken beachy happiness with E I go. I will not take things too seriously there. I won't even take anything sober. Okay, maybe I'll take my contracts book and civ pro book for a little bit of morning pre-drinking outlining. But, for the most part. I'll be a drunken tropical beach sloth. Hurrah!

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