March 31, 2004

Make an Offering

I, too, have angered some Diety.

First, there was the tree roots in the main sewer pipe. That was fun.

Then today, I tried to take Muni after school. When I arrived at the turnstiles, two of the coin slots were covered with white notes proclaiming, "out of order." The middle gate was note free, but it had coins stacked up to the top--clearly I wasn't getting through. I looked for the agent but a yellow sign exclaimed, "Booth Closed."

So, I watched what other people were doing and followed suit. I too went through the wheelchair gate without paying, took the escalator and waited for my train. Much to my surprise, it arrived within 4 minutes (I have waited over half an hour for the correct train on my last several Muni disasters).

I got on the train. The doors closed. I sat down. An agent approached me, "May I see your pass?"


I showed her my 5 quarters and explained that I didn't have a pass because the turnstiles were broken. She motioned to me to get off of the train.

Apparently, I had other options. I could have walked to the other end of the station where there were other turnstiles (or so she claimed). I could have paid on the train (which I didn't know).

To add insult to injury, my train pulled away as she wrote my ticket. Then she told me that the turnstiles weren't broken. They were closed. For budget reasons.

Smart people those Muni-folk. I'm certain the ticket I'll be paying will more than cover the profit from everyone who took the wheelchair gate while the turnstiles were closed.

Thanks to the extra delay, my entire commute was 3 hours today. I can't seem to do anything that's environment friendly in a way that works.

Finals are coming. The current level of animosity between me and the Powers That Be is unacceptable for exams. Anyone know where the nearest temple to the Angered One is? I've got to sacrifice something on the altar.

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