April 8, 2004

11 months

The experiment of attempting to be fully anonymous didn't quite make it to the year mark.

Today, I had the luck of walking by a group of people in my section discussing the finer points of some of my earlier, less discerning posts. Turns out, my posts came across as pretty damn rude.

Back in the beginning of school, I was paranoid about protecting my own identity but I was less concerned with protecting the identity of the people about whom I made jokes. Most of those people are now my acquaintances and/or friends. I went back and read what I'd written and realized it wasn't cool. Back when they were imaginary people for my readers I felt fine about it. It's a completely different issue when people are reading about people they think they know.

When, I decided to post about Egypt, I consciously gave up any pretense that anyone who wanted to figure out who I was couldn't. Unfortunately, I forgot to recognize that by extension, they may be able to figure out who I had written about in the past as well. Or, at least they would be inclined to come up with some funny, but incorrect guesses. It also didn't occur to me that they'd assume that all joking descriptions of people were true, not exaggerations, bitterness, and creative license. Either way, it was irresponsible of me. I feel pretty shitty about it, actually.

Oh well. Bed made. Here I lie.

To those of you who think you've got me figured out, I repeat my request that you respect my wishes to be anonymous. Feel free to email me if you've got a bone to pick or a burning desire to confront me. I'm happy to oblige.

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