April 13, 2004

Motivation Needed

Tomorrow, I have moot court try-outs. Most people who are trying out for the team have read the brief several times, read all the cases and outlined their argument several days before their appearance.

Me? I'm excited about the topic. I really want to be on a moot court team. And yet, for some reason, I've been unable to start preparing for my try-out. I finally got myself to read the brief tonight by taking it with me to the gym and pouring over it on the elliptical machine.

Now I just need to pick the sub-argument I'd like to make, pull the related cases, outline the argument, and practice. This is the type of work I LIKE to do. It's much more interesting than the reading for my classes. But, for whatever reason, I'm caught up on all my reading and haven't started my argument.

I suspect that my no-procrastination policy during outlining and reading has backfired. Somehow, my brain knows moot isn't reading and outlining, so it's procrastinating away...

Here's to hoping the motivation kicks in before 11 PM. I'd really like to get some sleep before try-outs.

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