January 10, 2013

Key West

E and I went to Key West for a few days after Christmas.

Our hotel had turtles.  I was in heaven.

On the way there, we drove from Miami to Key West, which was as beautiful as all of the postcards make you believe.  We stopped for a dinner at Lorelei on Islamorada and enjoyed a stereotypical Florida Keys sunset.

It was awesome.  80 degree days (except for the last day when it was windy and cool) and a view of the ocean from our hotel room balcony.

The vibe is *so* relaxed.  There's a fairly serious party crowd, but they tend to stay near Duval Street.  E and I went there for about 10 minutes, but it wasn't really our scene.  Instead, we fit in a couple of easy runs, and just hung out by the ocean, by the pool, and walked around every day, fitting in lazy visits to the harbor, the turtle museum, and the Hemingway Home.

The turtle museum was really a museum about the old turtle cannery and how the sea turtles were essentially fished to extinction in Key West.  As a turtle lover, it wasn't exactly what I'd hoped for, but I did learn a bit about the conservation and revival efforts that made the visit a little less depressing than it otherwise would have been.

The Hemingway home was very interesting.  On the plane home I watched Hemingway and Gellhorn, which I sincerely enjoyed after seeing his Key West home and the bars he hung out in, in person. Of course, as promised, at the Hemingway Home we saw tons of 6-toed cats.

Sunsets, ocean, turtles, 6-toed cats, E and me?  What more could we ask for. It was a perfect vacation. 


Arvay said...

Kittens with mittens!

Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely!!