January 3, 2013


I start this year with the realization that I have a decent understanding of social media (both from a legal standpoint, for professional reasons, and just generally, because I like to think I stay on top of trends that matter).

And yet, the idea that generally public messages should be massaged or paused or delivered in a different audience is something from my past.  I know this.  My younger clients have no understanding of this idea.  It is foreign to them.  Until they get something at the absolute *wrong* time.

It's something from my ancient history. And I never really respected it. Until recently.

I'm oddly between the "old folks" that are actually my age (or older) and the next generation who embraced a different ethos that I thought made sense.  The young kids (now pushing 30!) are fond of awkward as an acceptable outcome.

And now, I'm curious how this all will play out and hopeful that common human decency will become an important and respected and valued skill in the world I live in.  Only time will tell.

(Also, after reading this again, I feel I should add, "Get Off My Lawn!")

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