June 9, 2004


I haven't been reading the books on my reading list to the left. Instead, I've spent my spare time in the last few days plowing through The King of Torts.

"Torts, I think BT is taking Torts, this book is perfect," I can just hear my mother Santa Claus thinking as the book was placed in my stocking at Christmas. I, of course, didn't touch it during school. In fact, I forgot it at her house until she gave it back to me on my last visit. As a general rule, I'm not a huge Grisham fan. But, boy, when you get sucked in... you have to finish it. It was great in the way that the occasional fast food meal is great--cheap, satisfying, quick, way more enjoyable than it's supposed to be, and inciting slight feelings of guilt, which somehow add to the pleasure of the whole experience.

But now, I'm done with that paperback book and I can move on. E and I biked to our local library last night and I checked out two big hardback books that should keep me entertained for a while. They are big, small font, serious books. Really.

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