June 29, 2004

Yesterday was a Good Day

Politically, I tend to be all over the place. My beliefs don't align with any particular group, which is useful when I want to distance myself from stupid actions of one of our political parties, but annoying when I'm trying to figure out who to vote for.

One thing that I strongly believe in is avoiding false imprisonment.

I was happy to see that my belief was shared across the conservative-liberal trenchlines by all but one member of the Supreme Court in yesterday's released opinions (Hamdi, Rasul, Odah and Padilla). Bonus: being out of law school for a month makes me able to appreciate the writing of the Court for its eloquence and brilliance instead of cramming the knowledge into my head in a pleasureless frenzy.

If you want more on this stuff, head over to SCOTUSBlog. Steven Wu's discussion of the balance of powers between the branches and how these decisions affect it is particularly interesting.

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