June 23, 2004

Microsoft Should be Against DRM

Cory Doctorow gave a pretty compelling talk to MSFT. I found myself nodding as I read it. (Thanks to Denise for the link.)

He managed to pitch a fabulous idea (Microsoft is one of the only companies who could get away with making media players that go against DRM and the studios) while pointing out their anti-trust naughtiness in a way that made me laugh.

Do it again! This is a company that looks the world's roughest, toughest anti-trust regulators in the eye and laughs. Compared to anti-trust people, copyright lawmakers are pantywaists. You can take them with your arm behind your back.

And he's right. There's a strong business reason for being the provider of hardware/software that can play ANY and all content. I'd even let my MS hatred mellow out if they followed through with his suggestion.

Unlikely, but still a fascinating read.

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