June 21, 2004

Survey of Consumption

The home team won. Thanks to the firm, E and I saw it in person while hanging out with another summer associate and his SO.

In order to get the full experince, E and I shared as much of the foods as we could fit in our bellies (if SF is going to take flack from other cities over the prissiness of the food at our ballpark, then dammit, I'm going to have experienced it first-hand so I can defend my city!). I'm full:

Course 1: 2 draft MGD's, a salted soft pretzel, and stadium nachos with jalapenos.
Course 2: 2 draft Gordon Biersch pints, Gilroy Garlic Fries (you can't be at a game at Pac Bell park and go without...)
Course 3: 2 22 oz. Tsing Tao beers, a 4-ball package of flavored cotton candy.

Umm... arteries hardening...

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