June 2, 2004


Oh, the shock! My time is money again. So is everyone else's around here. So much so that I won't be posting much from work since I have to watch the clock and bill accordingly. Right now, though, my brain needs a break from the 4 interesting but brain-draining projects I've got on my desk.

At school, it's clear that your time is worthless. Multiple emails (like 10) to remind you of the same thing? What does the school care if you have to read them or sort through them? Need something from the financial aid or career office? Better hope you can get there in the windows of 10-11:30 AM or 1-3:30 PM because if not... well, they're not exactly at your beckonned call beck and call.

Here, efficiency is a way of life. And I love it. I've got gadgets and websites and search tools and secretaries galore to make sure that every minute I'm here, I can spend it working full-steam on brain-draining legal work. (Or going to one of the many activities, gut-growing meals, or training sessions on my calendar). The point of efficient time management isn't just in my imagination, my welcome present was an engraved Franklin Covey organizer.

Some people may find this emphasis annoying, but for now, I'm thriving in this environment. There's support structures to make sure I get to do the best work I can do. I feel very important. I've been here before so I know what I'm doing, what's expected of me, and generally what questions to ask when I have no clue (which is many times, every day). No doubt, they go out of their way to make me feel this way during the romance stage. But, it's working. I really do enjoy the real world (or, the approximation of the real world of being a patent agent back at their old firm, but with access to the summer associate perks).

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