April 6, 2005


Soy Estoy listo ir a Puerto Rico.

Okay, maybe not. I don't really speak Spanish. I know the sentence above is somewhat approximating what I'd like to say. But it's probably grammatically wrong in some terribly obvious way (listo a ir? listo por ir?).

Regardless, I can freely think about vacation now because I just finished helping E prepare a few tax forms (read: doing the entire filing from scratch) and today, I turned in drafts of my last two assignments from chambers. From here on out, it's smooth sailing--E's just got to verify that I can copy numbers into blanks and e-file. I've just got to sit around waiting for clerks to get back to me with edits. So, needless to say, I'm checkin' out mentally and focusing on more important things like which classes to take next year, what I'm going to do in puerto rico, etc.

It's not that the orders I wrote are worthy of being so mentally done, it's more that I know everyone is so overworked that it'll be a miracle if either of the clerks can get back to me with edits they'd like me to make before my last minute, Friday at 2:30.

So, cheers to finishing things. And big tax refunds (too bad E didn't get one...).

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