April 5, 2005


I walked by the judge in the hallway today. She was walking some guests out of chambers as I returned with my carne asado burrito with chips.

She winked hello at me.

She's a very formal, judge-like person, who up until today has kept a seemingly pre-measured social distance from me.

So, the wink was odd.

What was weirder, however, was the giddy sense of acceptance when I saw the wink. It reminded me of being asked to Ginny Loraine's birthday party in 3rd grade. I'd never been cool enough to go to one of the parties where Ginny, her brother Bill, or any of the other cool kids hung out. Later, I realized that Ginny's and many other invitations arrived because I was considered the "poor awkward kid" that parents loved but children my own age hated. Rad. So, yeah, it was cool to get the wink, finally.

But really, whatever happened to Ginny Loraine?

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