April 19, 2005

Wedding Fatigue

That's why the Catholic Church is so great! The left hates 'em for the tradition and pomp, the right gets pissed off about their position on social issues, and *everyone* hates 'em for the condom thing.

--bear, on religion

I spent all day doing stuff related to the wedding. I now know that it will be more expensive than I thought. Shocker. Rad. Despite the pain of that realization and the tiresome experience of being led through the latest round of possible wedding locations by wedding coordinators (or planners, I can't remember the difference), I actually may have enjoyed myself a little bit today. Shh. You tell anyone, I'll break your face.

Regardless of how I felt about today, I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I can clean out my files, balance my checkbook, update E's & my joint finance tabulation, get my oil changed, get the car washed, and finish draft 2104 of my note.

Later kids. I'm out the game.

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