April 20, 2005

Stupid Body

I'm one of those ridiculously healthy people. As in, Typhoid Mary healthy. I rarely suffer symptoms, and when I do, I just ignore 'em 'cause usually they go away quickly. Or, I end up in the hospital.

So, today was atypical for me because I spent the day nursing a cold (the first one I've admitted to having in a long time, probably at least two years). I HATE being sick. Seems like my body is on strike against me.

I've also been grumpy at my stupid elbow for the last couple of months, because a mysterious pain I developed seems to be getting worse. Which means I'll have to go to the doctor. Which I hate. It appears that I've developed a case of tennis elbow.

This is understandable given the high frequency with which I play raquet sports (NOT!).

In other news, predictably, I knocked off everything on my to-do list except the new draft of my note. I will get around to it. I have to--I need to get those units.

Off to take ibuprofen and ice my elbow. (Sheesh--you'd think I'd have a leg injury or something, but no....).

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