November 6, 2012

A Great Way To Watch The Election

E had a business dinner tonight. I had 10 X 400 at 7:24/mile on my modified schedule.  Yikes. I hadn't done a speed workout that intense in at least a year.  Possibly longer.  (FYI -- FIRST wanted me to do 10 X 400 at 1:49 or 7:16/mile)

I felt great today.  And it was only 2 days after my longest run so far this training cycle.  (Note to self: icing the sore bits after a long run is a *very* good idea.)

Thanks to daylight savings and work, there was no way I was getting to the track before dark. Instead, after a long day of work and a 1.1 mile walking warmup phone chat with my childhood best friend R, I headed to the gym and slogged my way through all 10 reps on the treadmill while the states changed colors on the TVs, making sure not to start measuring each interval until the treadmill was up to 8.1 mph (7:24 min/mile) so as not to cut the distance short.

It was a good, solid workout.  Difficult, but totally doable.  I probably could have done more and/or faster. And that's the whole trick -- Successfully completing training at levels that are sufficient stimulus to cause improvement without overtraining or injuring yourself.

Man, my confidence just needed this workout.  Also, this AM before lunch and PM after the workout I confirmed that it's not a fluke, I've actually dropped about 2 pounds in the last 2 weeks.

All of this makes me feel very happy about recognizing that I needed to modify my training approach despite the minimal amount of time left in the training cycle.



Anonymous said...

Nice intervals!

bt said...

Thanks, Jen. Looking forward to this weekend.