November 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Oh, how much I miss you, Dad.

This morning, on the 7th Birthday you should have experienced since you left us, I asked E if we could have a celebratory dinner for your birthday.  Of course, to honor you (and always enjoying celebrations in your style), he said "Hell, yes."

I asked what he thought you'd like us to do (and, by extension, what he would prefer to do):

1. go to Tied House, your favorite restaurant in our 'hood?
2. stick to our menu plan (cheesy mushroom risotto) but augment with a beer from your favorite brewery?
3. blow off the veggie risotto in favor of some meat?

E, predictably, opted for #2 and #3.  Just like you would have.  I, of course, insisted on a salad to go with the meat, as you would have complained about me doing, and then you would have eaten it first, just like E did.

Also, after stopping at 3 liquor stores who didn't carry Mendocino Brewing Company Ales, I sucked it up and went to BevMo to get the Red Tail to go along with the meal so we could toast you properly. You were right, it is *really* *special* stuff. It's hard to come by, even here. I got some pleasure knowing that you enjoyed my 3 failures and looks of confusion from each clerk before I went home, looked it up online, and actually went somewhere I knew would have it.

So, happy birthday Dad.  We miss you:

P.S.  If you get a minute, you should go peek in on the new incarnation of our local butcher where I got the fillets. I think you'd like their style.


Arvay said...

{{{hugs}}} to you!

Biting Tongue said...