October 20, 2004

Best Idea Ever

E gave me credit tonight for the Wednesday date night plan. I admit, I must agree. Occasionally, I have a bit of genius. Good thing too, I needed the cushion of our local sushi joint and the gift-sushi of the "Ace" (we're moving up in the world, apparently, since this gift sushi involves salmon AND maguro!), to explain that I may be angling for a position on a spring moot court team.


Yeah. When asked by a member of the moot court board, I had to admit that I'd willingly undergo the hell of a moot court team for the benefit of the trip, yet again. I may join the cult yet... stay tuned.

In other news, I'm slowly climbing out of the hole of this-child-left-way-behind that is my studies these days. Nothing too exciting. Lots of catch-up reading, writing, but sadly, no arithmetic.

Add a pulled hip muscle, which is getting in the way of my running schedule and my life is well...boring. Predictable. And sane.

What a pleasant surprise.

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