October 24, 2004

The Speed

It's almost Halloween. Seems like it was just yesterday that K showed up at our house and saw our post-halloween candy bowl, and exclaimed, "Oh... so you were the house with the shitty candy."

Time is FLY-ING and I'm feeling old. I remember last New Years like it was yesterday and am somewhat traumatized at the reality that it's much closer to 2005 than it is to 2003.

When did this happen? And what have I been doing in the interim?

I know what I did this weekend: I spent Friday glued to the computer and books, finishing my journal note proposal and catching up on Con Law reading. Saturday, I spent all day in the BarBri evidence review, because while I didn't have the energy for active learning, I could handle passive learning with H's company, and walked out of the review with a nicely structured outline that will be the frame for my final outline in a few short weeks. Today, I spent almost 12 hours in the library working on the Ap Ad brief. For this semester, at least, this weekend was typical. And I think that may be why time seems to be passing me by.

I'm not making any particularly memorable memories lately. All my spare memory is spent learning legal stuff. I actually like it, so it's not terrible, but it is slightly sad when I realize that when I think over the year, I have many fewer fun images since I started law school than I did in the years proceeding it. I'm not quite certain what to think about that. I suppose I could just consider all I've learned in the last year and my estimation of time would start to slow.

Regardless, I'm shocked and at the same time not surprised at all that I need to catch up in my courses and make a study schedule for finals, yet again. Seems like I just did this last week...

I have one thing to say: Thank goodness for college football.

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