October 9, 2004

The Mother of Invention

E and I watched Men in Black II last night (Technically, I fell asleep watching it...). I wanted dessert. We're not big dessert people, so we don't normally have ice cream or chocolate lying around.

Thankfully, I found a can of peaches. I always have butter, flour, and brown sugar, so I made a make-shift cobbler.

Friday Night Cobbler

1. Preheat oven to 400F.
2. Open and drain a can of peaches. Pour them into a square baking tin.
3. Cut 4 T butter into small cubes.
4. Pour 3-4 cups of flour into a bowl. Pour 2 cups of brown sugar into the same bowl.
5. Add the butter cubes and mash them into the flour/brown sugar with a fork until you have a bowl of crust balls. Add 1 cap of vanilla and half a cap of almond extract. Continue fork-mashing the butter cubes 'til the largest crust ball is about 1 cm across.
6. Pour mixture from bowl over peaches and stir 'til the mixture is attached to the peaches and isn't obviously dry in the corners.
7. Bake 'til the tips of the crust are brown.

Comments: It probably could have used a leavening agent. It was decent as a warm dessert, and satisfied my craving. But the leftovers were even better as breakfast this morning.

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