October 21, 2004

That's how it goes

The comedy of man survives the tragedy of man.
--G.K. Chesterton

I'm in better shape right now than I have been in years. This is an indicator of my stress level, and nothing more. Last year, I realized that I could only handle stress effectively in one way: working out. I'm not complaining. Quite the contrary, I'm amused that my body is slowly starting to resemble an athlete's yet again... it's been a long time.

Of course, along with lots of time spent working out comes injury. And I've got one. I'm actually nursing it properly with ibuprofen and time off the shoes. But, I'm amused. The last time I nursed an athletic injury, I was actually an athlete, on a team. These days, I'm merely trying to deal with the stress that my life creates. Funny.

I talk too fast. I'm confused and frustrated with the amorphous concept of my uncertain future and how I'm going to get there through the madness that will be the Summer after 2L. I'm behind in my reading in every class. I'm unaware of things that are due until one day prior when my classmates mention them. I bust them out when I should be sleeping.

This weekend, which I hilariously planned to spend visiting my brother's family and winetasting has been re-assigned to working on the journal note, catching up on reading, finishing the app-ad brief and sleep. Winetasting and playing with the niece? Who was I kidding?

An additional side effect of the stress is the lack of appetite because my stomach is all messed up. If I keep this up, for the first time in 4 years, I'll have a 6 pack.

How hilarious is that?

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