April 24, 2004

The Little Things

Getting ready for finals is full of huge tasks like outlining, reviewing, practice exams and review sessions. But, the little things are even more important. Here's my list, let me know if I'm forgetting anything.

1. List of available study food, and the additions that must be made at the store.
2. Make sure that the late-night dinner places are still open (a near-by ramen house serves 'til 10:45 and an Italian place one town over serves 'til 1 AM). If you're anything like me, this information is absolutely essential to finals.
3. The phone number of the pizza delivery joint.
4. A full stock of soda, coffee, tea, and chocolate covered coffee beans.
5. A schedule that maps out which subjects are studied when, the workout breaks, the exam review sessions and the exams as well as the nights I need to stay in a hotel.
6. Laundry clean (still on the to-do list).
7. Make sure that all the Arriving Netflix movies are not the least bit sad, depressing or mid-life-crisis-inducing.
8. Notify family and friends that I'm going to be AWOL for about a month.
9. Order flowers for Mother's day.
10. Start smiling at the prospect of summer.

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