April 3, 2004

Spring Forward

So, with all the great things of Spring, comes the lost hour. Yes, it does suck. But, given all the great things that Spring brings, I'll take it with a grin.

I completely forgot that I'd have to lose an hour tonight, so I owe a big thanks to J, who I just discovered. Unfortunately, I may very well be outlining at the turning hour as he predicted. Nahhh, let's be serious. I'll probably get another 30 tax flashcards done and settle into the couch with E to watch Army of Darkness.

Either way, I can't complain. It's Spring, and E and I took a very pleasant bike ride to break up the day's studying. The plan for tomorrow includes a long run in the sun. I managed to plod through the week's onslaught of work and activities with enough time to spare for a Friday night off. Today, I kept busy all day with schoolwork and managed to keep the stress at bay. My applications for moot, trial team, and scholarships are complete. The 450 pages of crim reading to get back up to speed are finished (note to self, the Hot Now had a high price--it was probably still worth it though). So, tomorrow's run will be buttressed with tax flashcards, a first crack at the tax outline and an attempt to do a tax practice exam.

Ahh, yes, what was I saying about how wonderful spring is?

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