April 9, 2004

Ode to Paypal

So, it's no secret that PayPal has a history of being very abusive to customers. Their actions in the past got them into a class action lawsuit.

In fairness, I heard that when EBay acquired them there was a bit of clean-up (which would make sense since EBay's a pretty reputable company), but I don't know for certain since I never use them.

Today, K decided to buy hockey tickets for a tomorrow's Sharks game.

Apparently, she didn't realize she'd have to pay by PayPal 'til too late. So, she signed up, and felt the need to add the following in the comments box (after copying it into an email for my amusement--K knows that I get a kick out of her ranting explosions):

I feel like I've been f*cked sideways by the
superfluous steps needed to set up an account.
Now the kids will never see Mickey Mouse or Goofy
(well, actually maybe Goofy...but that's NOT the
point), and it's all your fault. I feel like
I've been taking crazy pills trying to get this
stupid, sack-of-sh*t website to work. Your
horrible service has prompted me to leave the
country for a more civilized nation, like
Botswana. This is the most abusive thing I have
used since Windows 98. May God have mercy on
your souls...F*ck you and goodnite.

[laugh] I may be sick, but I think it's hilarious when people get so upset that they make no sense at all. Just Great!

Oh, and, I guess, the public service announcement part of this is: looks like the registration process at PayPal hasn't gotten any user friendlier as of late.

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