April 7, 2004

Worth the Work

So, it appears that some of my hard work in law school has paid off. Unlike LWR, where I did two re-writes of my memo to no avail, this time around, I'm a very proud and smiling BT.

Why? Because I received honorable mention for my moot court brief and the best oral argument award for my section.

Damn, old habits die hard. Us A-types (aka law students) do love our external validation, don't we?

Here's my advice to all my frustrated readers: Keep on keepin' on. Eventually, you'll find the professor that teaches in the manner in which you learn. If you're lucky, she'll value the qualities that you have by gut instinct and you'll actually get some validation out of it. And when you do, you too can be as happy as a clam.

Man, I am way happier than I thought I'd be about something like this. No doubt, the feeling of glory will pass shortly. I've got finals and the arbitrariness of the grades they bring to take me off my cloud. But tonight . . . I feel fabulous.

P.S. Having a blog is wonderful for being able to celebrate your successes when it is completely inappropriate to do so in the real world amongst your peers.

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