April 18, 2004

Say I'm Not Clairvoyant

Since I've been fairly true to my workout schedule this semester, I've been less stressed and sleeping better.

But, now that serious studying time has arrived, I think I can count on the arrival of messed up dreams. I'm one of those lucky people who wakes up quite a bit during wacky dream spells so I remember them in much more of their weirdness than I'd prefer.

I studied Contracts at least 8 hours yesterday. E and I ate mexican food with margaritas, and then watched Sling Blade and Simpsons before heading to bed. The combination was a recipe for excellent dreams:

Dream 1. The moot court coach called and told me I was 9th out of 10 on the waiting list to make one of the teams. I then attended a terrible party, where my transcript/application was passed around and it was pointed out to me that I never actually turned in my memo in LWR, so I had an F in that class, which probably affected my chances to get on a team. I had to congratulate people who did get on one of the teams while they all explained to me why I didn't get on one and probably wouldn't off the waiting list. Also, the moot court instructor explained that there were only 1/2 the spots originally allocated due to budget issues. Given how badly I want to be on a moot court team, this dream sucked.

Dream 2. I woke up convinced that I had dreamt of the funniest sign in the world and wishing that I had a pad of paper next to the bed to write down whatever it was that the sign said. Of course, I can't remember what it said now...

Dream 3. I got in a huge screaming fight with my best friend from childhood on the phone. I woke up angry with my heart racing. The topic of argument: Junior High stuff like clothes, friends, appearance, "you think you're so cool," etc. This was the worst dream of all.

What the hell?

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