April 28, 2004

Ultra Low Grade Torture

I'm not visibly sick. (I think)

I have a headache. I'm kind of achey. But, I made it through an 8-hour day of madness today including two classes, reading, and two exam reviews where old exams were rehashed and ideal answers explained. I found the exam reviews comforting.

This semester, my approach is different than last semester. I'm more concerned with knowing how the exam will feel, the type of knowledge I will need and how it will need to be presented. Last semester, I spent quite a bit of time learning before I looked at old exams. I think I spent more time on detail in torts and not enough time on detail in contracts because I was approaching all of my exams with a "know everything and know it well" approach. Which, for me, a mere mortal, is impossible.

Last night, by bed time, my temperature was back to normal. This AM, it was a manageable 99.2 F. But, now, unfortunately, it's hovering at 101.5. Ugghhh...

So, I'll take it as a sign. I was hoping to hit the gym and get some more studying done. But, I think I'm going to fill my time with light preparation like organizing my outline binders, alphabetizing lists of cases, pulling practice exams off the internet and all of the little things that need to be done during crunch time (tasks which I inevitably use to procrastinate).

Add a ridiculous amount of fluids, a light dinner, movie, ice cream, and at least 9 hours of sleep and hopefully I'll be better soon.

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