April 23, 2009

Garden Update

So, the over-winter portions of the garden are going strong.


(Originally, I'd hoped I could rotate this picture. But really -- who cares? Flickr is picky but it's free.) This is what you get: Onions, in many forms, several months past seeding, some bok choy, mustard plants, red lettuce, some tomato seedlings that you can't see, and some dill and cilantro seeds that may or may not sprout.

The bulb onions promise to deliver bulbs if we are patient (I'm somewhat dubious and think that perhaps we should just harvest while they are green).

Garlic, of course, patiently grows, and reaches its 3-feet height and waits for the heat wave to cause the stalks to fall, which will mean we should harvest and start to dry it. We are excited for home-grown garlic. It is so satisfying -- 42 cloves planted, 42 heads in development, what more could you want?

And, then, of course, there is the artichoke. What the hell? We read, "3 foot diameter" and thought, "well... that'll take a bit of space." But hey, no worries, because they don't really produce the first year.

Too bad no one told our gargantuan plant...


Thank goodness, it's merely shading lettuce and green onions we are willing to sacrifice (aka eat earlier than most would) and slightly crowding the garlic (who can fend for themselves).

Also, I'm thrilled to report that every plant we've targeted for the garden has either sprouted, been transplanted, or otherwise grown into this community. So, I was *VERY* thrilled to see that the last garden-planted seeds finally delivered today:

Green Summer Squash, 9 days post seeding into the earth:


As Arvay said, Every seed is a miracle.

And our Garden is an example of close to 100 miracles. I am so excited.


Arvay said...

So cool. I am thrilled for you! Artichokes! Now you have indeed gotten ambitious! I'm still waiting for our ground to thaw. My seedlings are overswelling their little Dixie cups. I tell them to be patient, they can go outside soon, stop climbing the walls of my office!

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