April 5, 2009

Those that embrace it

Every once in a while, I get a jolt. I see that one of the bloggers I used to read is still at it. Only more-so.

There are those that embrace this medium and bare the souls, their bodies, their identities.

Me, I trust the thin, invisible film composed of a suspension of my boring life and the fact that those who know who I am do not connect this blog to my real life on the internet. Sure, even with that protection, I'm one subpoena away from anyone who didn't know finding out. But for now -- if you google my meat-space name, you don't get this blog and vice-versa.

I take comfort in that, and yet, if these writings were not anonymous, they would be so different.

Perhaps better.

Certainly, my career requires that I could not write much about work. But life... ahhh... life. Maybe I could write a bit in a way that would mean something.

Perhaps, one day. Best to dream, methinks.

Anyways...Dooce, you are an inspiration. I shall order your book to support you.

Thanks, E-Spat for the link to Dooce. Glad to see you are doing so well, and the new book is much appreciated.

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