April 3, 2009

The Question

E and I just received a wedding invitation to a second cousin's wedding that neither of us had any clue was going to happen.

If you didn't know that the person was dating someone, much less that they had an upcoming wedding, it's kind of a shock to receive an invitation with a couple months notice asking you to fly across the country for a weekend of family, festivities, and fun.

The question -- do we go?

The benefits (obvious): family, fun, memories, party, etc.

The drawbacks: it's close in time to several other trips to see family and friends and events we have planned and may require us to pack events so tightly that we won't enjoy each of them as much as we could if we avoided this one. Also, it's not cheap to fly across the country and stay in a hotel for a weekend. And, of course, there's the time away from work, which is never fun to manage.

Hmmmm... difficult.

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